Take the conversation worldwide while saving money with
International Calling from Telcel America

International Service Plans starting at $29, $40, $50 and $60!

Unlimited* Nationwide + International calling for just a fraction of the price.

  • Connect with your family with our International Service and call or text to over 1,000 destinations including Mexico.
    PLUS up to 1,000 minutes to call cell phones in Mexico depending on your plan!
  • Nationwide Talk, Text & Picture Messages in the U.S. depending on your plan!
  • Unlimited* Mobile Web Access & calls to 411 depending on your plan!
  • 30 Days of Service
+ Verify your destination

$10 Global card

Call anywhere in the world, including mobile phones.

  • Competitive rates from the convenience of your cell phone. Check rates.
  • Easy to dial. Click here to check out our Free International Calls app for Android.
  • You can purchase more than one card. Your balance will carry over to the next service month.
  • This is not a monthly card and only provides International Long Distance minutes.
  • Add the card to your current service plan at any time. A Telcel America service plan is needed in order to have phone service.
  • For calls originated from the U.S. only. This is not a roaming card.
  • Auto-Refill is not available.
+ Check Rates

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